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Break Dance Camp incorporates dance, music and art into one fun two week long camp.  In addition to our two main teachers and our assistant, we have guest teachers from all around New England and New York throughout the two week period.  The kids learn how to use there bodies for Break Dance, Yoga and House Dance in addition to many other movement forms that they are introduced to.  Our Camp has an innovative approach to the teaching of  alternative dance, exercise and art.  The students will work on dj, the history of the hip hop culture and there own movement styles.  Our teachers strive to help our students find there own dance and art expression, whatever it may be.  The camp culminates in a performance on the last Thursday evening and ends with a trip to the Sury Damn in which parents are welcome but not required to attend.  For more information about our camp please call us at 410 227 3173 or email at info@flowyogadance.com.

Beach Day

More fun at the Beach

End of Camp Performance

  BIG THANK YOU TO FALCON RIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL FOR DONATING TICKETS IN SUPPORT OF OUR SCHOLARSHIP FUND!  For more information on how to go to Falcon Ridge go to www.falconridgefolk.com !

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