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Break Dance Birthday

Hire Flow Yoga and Dance Center for a Break Dance Birthday Party.  We will come and do a performance or teach a class that works with your childs age!!!  You can choose to hire us for the class or performance that fits into your theme or to organize the whole party with a Break Dance theme.  Brenda will personally plan with you the details of the party and choose whether a class or a performance or both would fit best.  These parties are a blast and really set the mood for a fun filled year to come!!  This is the perfect party for parents who want to have an incredible party without all of the extra work.  Let us do the work for you or just add us to your plan, either way your child will be thrilled with this experiance!!

Belly Dance Birthday

This is a wonderfully themed birthday with hip scarves and long skirts.  Brenda can plan a class or performance or can plan the party from top to bottom.  This party is appropriate for all ages and is easily incorperated into enchanted forest parties or fairy parties.  Weather you would like us for a cameo or to lead the party, this party is great fun.

Birthday Adventures

These include full fledged adventures with performances from our dancers.  We will plan your entire party with you and take your children on a journey of whatever sort you would like.  We have done circus parties, kings courts, carnivals, enchanted forests and zoo adventures.  These are dynamic parties and can be done in 1, 2, or 3 hours (with cake and ice cream, as well as the gift opening.)  we can either design a simple adventure and let you take care of the rest or we can design a full blown party, from top to bottom including cake, ice cream and decorations.  These are fun parties and they take the work off of your shoulders.

Blessing Ways and Baby Showers
Brenda will help design beautiful blessing way complete with invitations, ceremonies, and prenatal yoga and or belly dance.  She will sit down with you and help you to create a ceremony that best suits you or the person that you are planning it for.  She can also create a more light hearted baby shower filled with laughter and fun games along with an exciting prenatal belly dance and or yoga class.

Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower

Brenda and her company can plan a performance or incredible fun party complete with a Belly Dance Class and a middle eastern theme.  We can also show up for just a performance or class and let you handle the rest. 

Live board game birthday or dinner parties
Allow your party to become a live board game.  No matter what board game you want to play.  We will figure out how to make the game live.  Have fun as the characters of Clue or Monopoly and more.  We can make your house or venue into the game board and help you to make the game into a fun adventure for all. 

  TO BOOK A PARTY CALL 410 227 3173 OR EMAIL US AT info@flowyogadance.com.  We look forward to making your special day perfect!

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