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Flow Yoga and Dance Programs has been teaching and performing in the area schools for many years. We offer Break Dance, Belly Dance, Yoga and creative movement in the schools as well as classical dance techniques (ballet, modern and jazz), art programs, educational programs performances of all kinds and much much more.  We have taught at Academy, Green St., the Brattleboro Area Middle School, The Putney School, Austine School for the Deaf,  Kindle Farm, Springfield Middle School, Springfield Elementary Schools, Bellows Falls Middle School, Vermont Academy and Newbury Elementary School in addition to many other schools.  We also teach and perform at Mt. Snow, VT.  Contact us for a variety of classes and programs, from one day workshops to multi-week sessions as well as special intensive residencies. We also offer a variety of performances from literary festivals to participating in talent shows and offering children themed performances.  

Bring our animated, confidence building programs to your school!!



  Our offerings for residencies , school programs, school performances, winter sports and 21st Century Grant Programs include but are not limited to; Break Dance, Yoga/Break Dance, Yoga/Art, Yoga/puppet making, Yoga and Storytelling, Belly Dance, Creating Dance, Modern, Jazz, hip hop and Performances based on literature, full scale performances, participation in ongoing performance events and setting choreography on kids both with and without a dance background.  In addition to these offerings, we have many other offerings based on alternative and traditional dance styles.

Flow celebrates the ability of all children to move and express themselves in the way that they feel the most comfortable!


Brenda Lynn Siegel is the owner and operator of Flow Yoga and Dance Center founded in 2002 and winner of the 2007 Brattleboro Readers Choice Awards; Best place for Yoga.  In addition Brenda was awarded Best Teacher in the Readers Choice awards in 2007.  She has a Bachelors degree in dance and choreography from Hampshire College and has choreographed for Flow Yoga and Dance Company, the Window Theatre, Cape Cod Repretory Theatre, Baltimore Childrens Theatre, and Kids on Camera for Baltimore Public Television.  She teaches Yoga, Breakdance, Belly Dance, Jazz, Modern and Core Strengthening in many area Schools.  Brenda has performed, taught and facilitated workshops, multiweek programs and performances at Academy School, The Putney School, Vermont Academy, the Greenwood School, Sprinfield Middle School, Green St., Brattleboro Area Middle School and Bellows Falls Middle and Elementary Schools.  In addition she has taught and facilitated many area childrens and adult classes and performances.  She ran an 18 week dance program at Austine School for the Deaf in which the children participated in a five day a week dance program in place of their traditional physical education program.  In this they learned, modern, ballet, break dance, belly dance, yoga, jazz, ballroom and Anatomy and Physiology. Culminating in a full scale performance.   She worked with all of the children in the school from age four to 18 in addition to working with children with physical dissabilities and Autistic Children.  She believes strongly that movement is to be enjoyed by all and is a tool for confidance and building social skills.  She enjoys bringing her love of movement to children in the form of classes, workshops and performances.     

Book Our Programs

Be sure to book our programs early in the year as our time slots do fill up.  We have a large variety of teachers and can accomodate your programs needs.  Because of our many qualified teachers we are often able to be in two places at once, however, time is limited so if you are thinking of a program, please contact us early on.  You can email us at info@flowyogadance.com attention Brenda or call 410 227 3173.  Pricing varys according project. You may also order a complete packet for full descriptions of our in school programs.  We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming school year for another fun filled year of dance and movement!!!


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